Our deli counter offers a full menu including options for breakfast sandwiches, lunch subs, and more.

Subs Toppings
Ham and Cheese Lettuce
Turkey Tomato
Roast Beef Onion
Salami Pickle
Chicken (Grilled) Olives
Chicken (Breaded) Jalapenos
Any 2 Meats Cucumber
Manager’s Daily Special Radish
Feature of the Week Bell Peppers
Sandwich on a Bun Cheeses
1 Meat Colby
2 Meat Hot pepper
3 Meat Swiss
Chicken (Grilled) American
Chicken (Breaded) Marble
Hamburger/Cheese Burger Provolone
Salads Sauces
Veggie (Small) Mayo
Veggie (Large) Mustard
1 Meat Ketchup
2 Meat Italian
Chicken (Grilled or Breaded) Thousand Island
Add Ons Sweet & Sour
20 oz Soda and Chips
Mozzarella Sticks (4)/Sauce


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