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"A Market with a Mission"

Imagine leaving your home with no job, no money, no resume, and poor language skills. Imagine being alone with no credit card or even a driver’s license. Now, imagine being a young girl on her own in this situation, in today’s fallen world. Homeless. Unemployed. And no one to turn to. 

In 1999, the Lord called Joe and Esther Keim, who are formerly Amish, to help these young women land on their feet after leaving the Amish Community. They founded Mission to Amish People (MAP), a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing food, apartments, support, and job opportunities to former Amish locally in Ohio and across the country.

Fast forward to 2016… 

MAP took a bold step of faith and began raising funds to build a 6,000 sq. ft. bulk food store to serve the community as well as aid the young girls, who are leaving their culture and need help getting established in the English society.  

This same year, MAP also raised funds to build New Beginnings Homestead, an apartment building  that provides housing for young Former Amish girls as they train at the store, learn the retail business, make an income, and help pay for their own living expenses.

Beyond Measure Market

New Beginnings Apartments

Beyond Measure Market: On Building a Grocery Store to Help the Former Amish

History, Connection and Community at Beyond Measure Market

We have been called as a ministry to provide a Homestead for the young, vulnerable women that leave the Amish culture.
We want to give them a place they can land, feel safe, and get the help they need to succeed on their own.



Dining Room and Living Room


Bedroom (Lower Level)