Chicken Breasts – Boneless, Skinless (Deposit)


We require a $10 deposit for each case of chicken and will collect the remaining balance upon pickup. 

In order to receive order the following week, please be sure to place your chicken pre-order by noon on Monday.

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Now available at the Market: fresh, boneless, skinless, chicken breast at $3.75

It can be frozen or canned and must be ordered in 40-pound increments. Split the order with a friend, or fill up your freezer while this special deal lasts!

Place your order using the form on this page, and we will notify you when it is ready for pick up. Please allow us up to two weeks to have your order ready.

1 Case = 40 pounds (4 x 10 pounds per Bag) of Chicken Breast Fillets.


About our Chicken Breasts:

  1. Our chickens are processed at Gerber’s Poultry in Kidron, OH.
  2. Gerber Amish farms are located within 50 miles of the Gerber Poultry Processing Plant and raised cage free.
  3. Gerber produces and processes a truly natural chicken meat that is 100% vegetarian diet, no hormones, no gluten, no antibiotics, no steroids and NAE.
  4. Gerber chicken is not only tastier, but healthier.
  5. Within hours of being processed at Gerber’s, your chicken breasts are packaged and delivered to Beyond Measure Market.

Stock up your freezer with the following preorders:

  1. Leg Quarters (40lb bulk and/or 6 per tray))
  2. Thighs – boneless skinless (40lb bulk and/or 12 per tray)
  3. Thighs – bone-in (20 per tray)
  4. Tenders – boneless skinless (40lb bulk and/or 12 per tray)
  5. Breasts – boneless skinless (40lb bulk and/or 20 per tray)
  6. Split Fryers (32 halves)
  7. Drumsticks (40lb bulk and/or 8 per tray)
  8. Party Wings (40lb bulk)
  9. Ground (12 per tray)
  10. Breakfast link (12 per tray)
  11. Sweet Italian (12 per tray)