Mullein Garlic Oil WC


Olive oil infused with garlic clove, mullein flower, calendula flower and St. John?s wort flower comprise the base of this gentle formula. Rosemary leaf and vitamin E oil are added to help preserve the herbal oil.

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Mullein flowers, Calendula flowers, Fresh St. John’s Wort flowering tops, Fresh Garlic cloves, Rosemary leaf

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vitamin E oil (mixed tocopherols), Organic Lavender Essential Oil.

For topical use only. Shake gently before using. To use, drop 2-3 drops of warm oil in each ear. To warm the oil, hold dropper pointed down under hot running water. Take care that the oil is warm, not hot. Dry outside of dropper before putting back in bottle. Keep refrigerated after opening.