Turkeys and Hams

This holiday season, Beyond Measure Market is offering quality hams. When ordering, you are not only getting top-quality products, you’re also helping to support our mission to young women.

Steps for pre-ordering a Ham:

  1. Fill out and submit order form on page.
  2. Individuals and organizations, who are placing orders will receive a ham voucher. Voucher must then be brought to Beyond Measure Market for pickup.
  3. Refunds are not accepted after order has been placed with our ham supplier.
  4. A set deposit amount of $10 per ham is required with your pre-order.
  5. When you arrive for pick up, we will adjust your total remaining balance, which is calculated based on ham selection and pound value.



  • Whole Cumberland Gap: $3.49/lb
  •  Half Cumberland Gap: $3.69/lb
  •  Whole Sugardale Spirals: $3.29/lb
  •  Half Sugardale Spirals: $3.29/lb

All hams MUST be ordered by Saturday, December 14th.

Questions? Call Us! 419-962-2008