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Pin Wheel Tray


For large or custom orders, please allow up to one week for production. 

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Let Your Crowd Gather, and Let “Beyond Measure Market” Do The Rest!

Add $5.00 if changing types of meat or cheese on platters below. For bigger or custom trays, please call for pricing.

Pin Wheel Tray

This tray features our fresh deli meat, cheese, and vegetables all wrapped up in a soft tortilla.

Small Tray – Serves 4/6 People (Meal)
or 8/10 (Appetizer) – $34.99

Medium Tray – Serves 6/8 People (Meal)
or 12/14 (Appetizer) – $44.99

Large Tray – Serves 8/10 People (Meal)
or 16/18 (Appetizer) – $54.99


Size of Tray

Small (Serves 4/6 Meal or 8/10 Appetizer), Medium (Serves 6/8 Meal or 12/14 Appetizer), Large (Serves 8/10 Meal or 16/18 Appetizer)


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